1.31.2017 - Year End Tax Forms 

Year end tax forms were mailed on 1.31.2017 to the address on-file with our company.  If you have not received your W-2 it may have been returned by mail to the office at which your worked. A reprint of the form W-2 may be requested.   There is a a $5.00 charge for reprinting. Allow 1 full business day for reprints to be available. 

10.17.2016 - Update Contact Information

In preparation for year-end filings, we ask that you update your mailing address.  This may be done in person or by calling your local Industrial Staffing Office. 

5.19.2016 - ACA Mailing for Insurance Benefits

Employees who are eligible for ACA Insurance Benefits will receive a postcard mailed to the address on file from our insurance administrator. Employees who opt to DECLINE coverage must call the insurance administrator's 800 number. Payroll deductions will be automatically processed from ALL employee payroll checks unless the insurance administrator notifies our office the coverage has been declined.   

1.1.2016 - Year End Tax Forms - W2's 

Employees may pick up their year end tax forms directly from their local Industrial Staffing Office.  Tax forms will be available begining January 22, 2016. 

10.22.2015 - Change to payroll issue day/ New Paycards for direct deposit

Effective 10.22.2015 payroll will move from Thursday to Friday. In addition, all employees should visit their local office to obtain a new pay card.  ISA changed vendors for the payroll card processing in an effort to save our employees service fees.  ISA will deduct a change fee of $5.00 during the transition.  The new vendor will NO longer charge our employee a monthly service fee.   

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